Ballroom Dancing Is Not For Sissies: An R-Rated Guide for Partnership

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Marks Description:

This book not only has a catchy title, but it is well written and I like it. It is written by a psychologist / marriage counselor and has some very solid advice from a “human viewpoint” . The author makes no claims about it having a Christian outlook, but my approach to the subject of marriage is both Christian and secular, and I find it to be both healthy and informative.

The book is divided into “Dance Levels” (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) of “Relationship Fitness Skills” and each of these sections is divided into four sections: Respect, Responsibility, Responsiveness, and Application. As the book progresses through the dance levels, the fitness skills become more and more refined, complex, and difficult to master – just like in dance and marriage.

Amazon’s Description:

The authors have lived it, now they share it—how to create joyful, harmonious partnerships on and off the dance floor. Dancing is supposed to be fun. But when dancers begin to snipe and bicker, they usually feel they have only two choices: stop dancing or change partners. In Ballroom Dancing is not for Sissies, authors, psychologists and amateur ballroom dancers Elizabeth and Arthur Seagull present a better choice—a simple system which prevents most relationship conflicts from occurring, and gives dancers a healthier way to handle them when they do. By learning and applying the 3Rs of Relationship Fitness, dancers can improve not only their dance partnership, but all their relationships! Warm and witty, Ballroom Dancing is not for Sissies uses real-life examples familiar to everyone who dances or does any other coupled sport.