Dancing is Like Marriage

This is a cute, home-done video that does a good job of describing how dance is like marriage, how there are benefits in learning the leading and following roles, how the subtle communication through touch carries over into married life, … Read More

Leadership and Followership: What Tango Teaches Us
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This is one of my favorite videos about leading and following in dance and by application, life and marriage. Plus, I love Argentine Tango!  

Protecting Your Partner

Protecting your partner is a key part of Dance and Marriage and relationships. Ballroom dancing looks to an outsider as a sport that is gentle, elegant,  full of good manners and behavior. For the most part, it is, but as … Read More

Teaching Teens About Dance and Marriage

A few weeks ago my wife and I began teaching teens to dance at a nearby city park. I thought it would be fun to chronicle this event. My goal is to work with young adults,  educating them about relationships … Read More

Using Multiple Bluetooth Headphones for Dance

One of the greatest invention in today’s technolo gy world I think is the Bluetooth system of broadcasting. With it, I have found a way to use multiple bluetooth headphones (two students and a teacher) listening to one music source. … Read More

Setting the Distance…in Dance and Marriage

Setting the Distance “Setting the distance” in both Ballroom Dancing and Marriage is always an interesting topic, and sometimes a delicate one to talk about. The distance i’m talking about is not always measured in feet and inches, but is … Read More

Young Love Can Work!

Young Love can work Young love – the emotional kind, the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind, the kind everyone says can ‘t last: I have some comments about that, and they’re good. Starting with: young love can and does work! I’ve just finished … Read More

The Marriage Dance

How are Dance and Marriage Alike? Ballroom Dancing and Marriage share a lot in common. Here’s a brief list of some of the common elements: Both are “contact sports” Fortunately, dancing isn’t the kind of sport where the partners are … Read More