Dance and Marriage is dedicated to one of the greatest causes of all: helping build strong families, relationships, and marriages with the Bible as a guidebook and Ballroom Dancing as a metaphor. We do this with all the online resources we can, as well as live dance classes.

In the dance classes, we teach basic ballroom dancing, while relating it to real life situations in relationships and marriage. Here are some examples to consider:


Most everyone knows that in couples dancing, the man is supposed to lead. In a dance class, we teach how to lead, and we relate that to the leadership role a husband has in a family. We stress that the leadership is not a superior role, but one assigned and enabled by God.


Wherever there is a leader, there needs to be a follower. In a dance, it is the woman, and we teach the woman how to follow. We talk about how a wife follows in a marriage. We stress that it is not an inferior role as many in todays world think, but a co-equal and necessary role that is essential to proper function...just like a dance! 


Something required by both the man and woman for a successful dance, relationship, marriage and family

And So Many More Essential Skills!

The Next Step

If you have an interest in providing a Dance and Marriage program for your School, Church, or Organization, we'd love to hear from you! If you're concerned about the money, don't be... we're sure we can come to an agreement. If you're a non-profit organization catering to young adults, pre-wedding couples, or newly weds, we're especially interested in working with you.

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