Marriage Is Like Dancing

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by Richard Eyer

Mark’s Description:

A good faith-based book about Marriage, using Ballroom Dancing as an illustration. This book has very good advice about marriage and relatonships, based on easy to understand dance examples. One of the quotes I highlighted was

…if she says yes to either dance or marriage, she must learn to follow just as he must learn to lead

The book is well written, and easy to understand. The first four chapters I found to be good regarding dance, and the last four chapters get more into Christian marriage counseling. Both are ok and I found to be helpful.

Amazon’s Description:

Marriage Is Like Dancing uses the biblical themes of the image of God and the mystery of the one flesh union of marriage to assert that marriage is not whatever we choose to make of it, but it is what God has made it to be. Readers will identify with the sometimes humorous, sometimes difficult, nature of dancing that parallels the humorous and difficult nature of marriage. This is not a book on how to fix a bad marriage, but how to support a good marriage. Newlyweds who want to get started in building a good marriage will also find this book useful. The author shares personal illustrations from his own marriage and offers a discussion guide for couples. Each chapter opens with a short story about dancing which leads into a discussion on marriage.