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Yes, folks, it all starts here. God invented marriage, and this is the user’s manual, what more can i say? Try looking up these stories about famous married couples of the Bible:

Adam and Eve

The ideal couple, this is a story that shows God’s ideal plan for marriage, and demonstrates how Satan and sin distorted it.

Abraham and Sarah

Sometimes in life you are put on the back burner, waiting for a family, a better job, a home you can afford, and many other reasons. This happened to Abraham and Sarah, and they even went down a “blind alley” named Hagar. But God is faithful, and His promise of family was finally fulfilled. This is a story of patience that is rewarded.

Jacob and Rachel

All about the endurance of true love, and, well, scheming in-laws that should leave well enough alone!

Ruth and Boaz

All about true love, courtship, discretion, family, and standing up for the one you love.

Vashti and King Xerxes

Everything a marriage shouldn’t be! It’s actually so comical it’s one of my favorite stories. It illustrates a beautiful, sensible woman putting limits on her creepy husband, even if he is the King.

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