The Courageous Follower

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by Ira Chaleff

Mark’s Description:

This is one of my favorite books! It’s not about marriage, or dancing and it’s not faith-based. It’s about “Standing up to and for our leaders” .

I suppose I’m usually for the “under dog” and that’s why I like it so much. While “Leadership” books, seminars, conferences, and other self-improvement programs abound, there is so little about “FOLLOWERSHIP. This books explores the art of Following, and how important it is for the team, and for the leader. It also describes how to stand up to the leader, when you are no longer able to follow his vision.

What I like so much is the secular explaination it gives applies directly to Dance and Marriage. Leading is not a superior role, and following is not inferior. They are equal, one cannot exist without the other. This works so well in Marriage and relationships!

I love this book!

Amazon’s Description:

Chaleff describes how to partner with the boss in all types of work environments. The author explores the dynamics of the leader-follower relationship and shows how followers can benefit best from it for themselves.