The Marriage Dance

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by Bob & Roxann Anderson

Mark’s Description

This is a good faith-based book that uses the metaphor of Ballroom Dancing to offer help with a successful marriage. I found the first six chapters to be especially helpful in solid advice:

  1. The Metaphor of the Marriage Dance
  2. Embrace your differences
  3. Do you want to dance?
  4. Connect the partners
  5. Lead with Confidence – Strong ut Gentle
  6. Follow with Strength

The remaining chapters (7-12) were good, but I found to be more “Sermonizing” than the others, perhaps inspirational, but not as solidly helpful.

Still though it is a good book and I recommend it.

Amazon’s Description

When couples learn to move together as one marriages are stronger. Bob and Roxann Andersen dance together in this vital book about the give and take of marriage. You will learn how two partners in different roles can become one strong, beautiful team. One leads, the other follows, and the result is poetic and powerful. Discover • Why some marriages resemble a war zone not a dance • How to communicate – both verbally and non-verbally • Why differences make a marriage successful • The rich roles of a husband and father who speaks truth and loves deeply • The elegance of a woman and mother who is strong and smart, yet follows skillfully Learn the power and beauty of gentle leadership. Find the pure delight of moving together as one. The Marriage Dance will help your marriage find new spiritual depth through trust, faith, healed wounds, and forgiveness. The Marriage Dance mirrors the ultimate dance – a relationship with Christ.