Women of the Bible

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CBS Collectors Edition Magazine

Mark’s Review

I really like this magazine-style description of women in the Bible. It is written in a decidedly non-christian (secular) way, designed to appeal to the mass market. But even so, the stories are simple and straightforward, with lot’s of illustrations to help keep it interesting. For me it was a good starting point, which sent me directly into the Bible to read the full accounts, and get the greater meaning of the stories.


Amazon’s Review:

CBS: Women of the Bible, a unique collector’s edition from CBS Watch! magazine, is a devotional guide focused on Biblical women that features engaging profiles of Eve, Ruth, Bathsheba, Delilah, Mary Magdalene and many more. Featuring modern takes on biblical women, each historical devotion-showcasing mothers, wives, sisters, lovers and friends-illuminates the lives of the influential women of the Bible, who are often overshadowed in the pages of history. Released in conjunction with the debut of the widely anticipated mini-series based on New York Times best-selling book, The Dovekeepers, this 100-page special issue will provide a historical and theological look into the lives of women whose stories still impact our lives.