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This site is dedicated to one of the greatest causes of all: helping build strong families, relationshdance and marriageips, and marriages with the Bible as a guidebook and Ballroom Dancing as a metaphor.

Ballroom Dancing and marriage are so much alike they're almost mirror images of each other. For example, ballroom dancing requires one to lead (the man) and one to follow (the woman). Marriages are also like this, with the Biblical mandate of leadership given to the husband.

Trust, cooperation, leadership, "followership", all of these important ideas and more are explored in this website. along with our Facebook, twitter, and other feeds. We encourage, inform, and discuss the greatest of relationships, marriage. We provide blog posts, book  references, and many other resources to help you on this marvelous journey. And not to leave out Ballroom Dancing - the greatest of all sports metaphors to illustrate the ideas, and something to provide great recreation and enjoyment. 

So take your time, enjoy the material, and be sure to sign up on our mailing list.

Latest from the Blog

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Dancing Classrooms

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Dancing is Like Marriage

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